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Bras tatoué

How I approach art

My artistic approach revolves around the search for blind spots to reveal their liveliness. Photography allows me to access different perceptions, different points of view. The eye of the lens has the ability to move away from reality and see the world in new light. Through the photographic prism, which exacerbates the illusion of the mirror by deforming it at will, I try to provide answers, divided into a reality that is itself fragmented.

I like to tackle various themes ranging from the migratory experience to plural identity, through culinary heritage, or cultural and voluntary exile. My approach is deeply marked by my Francophone identity which naturally integrates elements of culture and language.

My interests are also grounded in the notion of staging my fragmented photographic works which brings different narrative layers and a theatrical character to the experience. It is no longer a question of showing the works, but of considering them as characters who take full part and play a complementary and interactive role. The photo is performance. I stage it so that it can take its full narrative place in the space it occupies, both inside and out.

Échos – Ré:flexions – Photographic installation at the BAM Gallery, in Saskatoon, as part of the Mentoring and visibility project of the Conseil culturel fransaskois (June 2020)

ECHOES is a virtual exhibition hosted by BAM that was put on by the Conseil Culturel Fransaskois. Estelle Bonetto was part of a year-long mentorship with 4 Fransaskois artists and curator Serge Murphy.

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L'Eau Vive

Estelle Bonetto was recently a finalist for the Prix d’excellence de la presse francophone 2021 for her Arts and Culture article “La parité derrière les tables de mixage”, an article dealing with parity behind the turntables as women DJs turned the tables at Regina’s The Cure Club on Saturday March 7 during the Divas on the Decks event, an evening highlighting International Women’s Day on March 8 and the strong female influence on a stage marked by its inclusiveness.

Radio Canada

French CBC interview on Pour faire un monde (To make a world) during the release of the collection of photographic poetry “À fleur d’âge”.

L'Eau Vive

REGINA – It is within the framework of the Cathedral Village Arts Festivals that Estelle Bonetto, poet and artist of French origin, has chosen to show a selection of works. The public was able to admire but also touch certain elements of the original series entitled Fragments d’Identité (Fragments of Identity), presented at 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House, from May 22 to 27, 2017.

See and touch indeed since Estelle Bonetto’s plastic work consists of a series of 60 glass bottles, carrying images, poetic texts and organic materials suitable for bringing out the multiple facets of the Self in an archipelago.

Estelle Bonetto 13th Avenue Food and Coffee House


CBC radio interview during the release of the collection of photographic poetry “À fleur d’âge”.