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Échos Exhibit3 - 2020
Photo: Daniel Paquet

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The idea for an exhibition comes from a spark, a small flame that comes to shine and quietly burn itself out. I never actively search for ideas, they come to me and then take shape when they’re ready. One of my main guiding principles is to “look at reality from another angle” and explore without judging, just by looking at it.

“Photography is performance. I stage it so that it can take its full narrative place in the space it occupies, both inside and out. "
Estelle Bonetto

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Recent gallery Exhibitions

À fleur d’âge – 2018 Collection of photographic poetry

ECHOES is a virtual exhibition hosted by BAM that was put on by the Conseil Culturel Fransaskois. Estelle Bonetto was part of a year-long mentorship with 4 Fransaskois artists and curator Serge Murphy.