Écho – Ré:flexions

476 digital photographs
on 12.7 cm X 12.7 cardstock

This project was a collective of amazing people striving to build something delightful.

ECHOES is a virtual exhibition hosted by BAM that was put on by the Conseil Culturel Fransaskois. Estelle Bonetto was part of a year-long mentorship with 4 Fransaskois artists and curator Serge Murphy. The exhibit had each artist (Allysha Larsen, Jesse Fulcher Gangnon, Jeff Morton and Estelle Bonetto) do a gallery take over of BAM’s space where @kentondoupe filmed and interviewed them. 

Listen to Estelle...

This video highlights the works of Estelle Bonetto as part of the group exhibition ECHOS which brought together the works of four Fransaskois artists.

Listen to the artist discuss the approach presented during this exhibition.. We submit the idea that viewers of all ages will appreciate and identify with this testimony.

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Artistic approach

For this project, my artistic approach revolved around the search for blind spots, seeking for them to reveal themselves. Photography allowed me to access different perceptions, different points of view. The eye of the lens has the ability to move away from reality and see the world in new light. Through the photographic prism, which exacerbates the illusion of the mirror by deforming it at will, I tried to provide answers, divided into a reality that was itself fragmented.

I enjoy tackling various themes ranging from the migratory experience to plural identity, through culinary heritage, or cultural and voluntary exile. My approach is deeply marked by my Francophone identity which naturally integrates elements of culture and language.

My interests are also grounded in the notion of staging my fragmented photographic works which brings different narrative layers and a theatrical character to the experience. It is no longer a question of showing the works, but of considering them as characters who take full part and play a complementary and interactive role. The photo is performance. I stage it so that it can take its full narrative place in the space it occupies, both inside and out.

Visual Arts

Exhibit - Artwork

“These are photographs of fragmented bodies shot through mirrors. What I tried to do in this piece was to deconstruct the body, to break it apart so as to put it back together better, to have a more holistic image of our relation to the body – how we see ourselves, how we judge ourselves, especially in the mirrors that are so present in our lives.

There are nearly 500 photos here that were shot in this way. They are all small squares, and so again, small fragments with different styles brought into play. Fundamentally, what I tried to do is to present another perspective and show us that we can take a different perspective on life. There is more than one way to look at things.

There are so many ways to view things that, through mirrors, with the narrow angles and small fragments I was then able to see of all those people actually practicing their yoga poses; it’s a way of saying that we can look at life in another way.”